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Company Safety

At EnviroEnergy Solutions, our safety program begins with the hiring process and extends through all daily task and practices for each employee. Each employee has a high degree of individual safety responsibility regardless of the job or location.

Safety is an 8760 Priority

Our projects begin with job hazard assessments and all of our employees know they have Stop Work Authority. Our program includes:

  • Structured and detailed hiring process
  • Daily jobsite safety meetings
  • Weekly team safety meetings
  • Digital safety reminders
  • EMR below industry standards
  • Third-party inspections

Industry Leading Specialized Training

At EnviroEnergy Solutions, we have introduced 8760 U, a specialized safety training program geared to taking jobsite safety to the next level. We are continually updating and refining our overall safety program to, not only meet, but exceed all jobsite requirements, and to ensure the proper safety of our team, jobsites and equipment.

We are committed to providing dedicated service 24 hours a day 365 days per year. 8760 is the number of hours in a year and represents our commitment to safety, training and service. To execute on our mantra “The 8760 Solution,” we continuously work to build upon our culture, which is centered around this philosophy.

Our continual focus is on companywide safety practices and lessons learned. The list below is a sample of the many safety items on which our team is continuously focused:

Providing Certified Safety Training

EnviroEnergy Solutions’ Safety Program is also available for employee safety training and certification. Contact us today to discuss group training or individual certification.