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EnviroEnergy Solutions provides industry leading products and services for your water solution needs including Friction Reducers. We utilize our team’s chemical experience to ensure optimal treatments at the most economical prices.

FR Data Sheets

Download any of our Friction Reducer Data Sheets from the list below.

Application Guide

For your convenience, EnviroEnergy Solutions provides an application guide that outlines all of our FR products. Please contact us with any questions.

Turbulent VS Laminar Flow
  • laminar flow equals less energy needed for small flow or increased flowrate with same energy
  • less pump wear (RPM1/RPM2)2.0
    EX. Pump operating at 400 RPM will have 4 times the abrasive wear as one operating at 200RPM
  • high injection rates: 10 m3/min (100 bbl/min)
  • fluid velocity in wellbore: 15-25 m.s-1 (49-82 ft.s-1)
  • most often 2-4% KCl to inhibit clay swelling
  • emulsion polyacrylamide such as EES 1150FR, EES 1250FR etc.
  • concentration range: 200 – 2000 ppm
Tech Information

Achieving a high enough injection rate is a major problem in deep wells. Both the bottom hole pressure required to fracture a formation and the pressure loss due to friction increase directly with well depth. This is due to the cumulative effect of the overburden pressure and the length of tubing or casing that the fluid has to travel through to reach the bottom hole. If the injection rate is below a critical value, the proppant may fall out of the frac fluid and cover the perforations forcing the treatment to be stopped.

Friction Reducer is widely used to reduce the frictional pressure loss so that a higher bottom hole pressure and injection rate can be achieved. The drag reduction effect can be as much as 50 to 70% during a fracturing treatment.

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